dogbin - the sexiest pastebin and url shortener ever! Woof!

Sharing code and logs is all cool, but it should be easy! That's where a pastebin like dogbin comes into play!

Basic Usage

Type what you want me to see, click the "Save" button, and then copy the URL. Send that URL to someone and they'll see what you see.

To make a new entry, click the "New" button (or type 'control + n')

URL shortening

To shorten an URL to a fancy, short URL, just enter the URL, click on the "Save" button and then copy the URL. Any future calls to that URL will redirect to what you entered earlier.


Pastes currently have no expiration time, but they may be removed at any time without notice.


There should be no great expectation of privacy. Post things at your own risk. Not responsible for any loss of data or removed pastes. Posts are possibly indexed by search engines.

Open Source

dogbin can easily be installed behind your network, and it's all open source!

News / Updates

To stay up to date about updates, downtimes and other news related to dogbin join the @dogbin channel on Telegram or follow @deldotdog on Twitter!


dogbin collects visitor stats via Simple Analytics (my referral link for 1 month off) for maximum privacy. These stats are actually public and can be viewed here.


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